Representative of the State Archives, Mr.Vullnet Iseni, participated in an international conference dedicated to the history of archives in the Municipality of Tuzi, Republic of Montenegro

The Head of the State Archives from Kumanovo, Mr. Vullnet Iseni participated in the V International Conference "Archives and Archiving in the XX-XXI Century”, at the invitation of the organizers, the Municipality of Tuzi from the Republic of Montenegro, the Administration of the Archives of the Republic of Albania, and the Agency of the archives of the Republic of Kosovo. Mr. Iseni took part with his own presentation on the topic "Development and activity of archives in Macedonia 1926 - 1951" and was a moderator of the third part of the conference.
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The representative of the State Archives attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition of the famous Skadar painter Fatmir Juka "Jubleta Entropia" in the premises of the cultural-information center "Malsia" in Tuzi.
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The State Archive as an institution has in its priorities the international affirmation of the development and achievements of archiving in our country.

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