Sheet 62

Collection:Apocryphal collection
Signature:AM M-II-2
Type:Archive material
Period:IV century
Format:image / TIFF
Sheet no:62
Dimensions:21 x 14 cm.
Paper:The manuscript is written on paper measuring 21x14 cm, on 64 sheets, which are quite crumbly, damaged and greasy. The collection has no beginning and no end. The 4th and 44th leaves are the most damaged. The 14th sheet is missing the upper third with 7 lines of text. From the 44th sheet there is only a small piece left - the lower margin with one and a half lines of text. According to the sticky paper, the manuscript was restored in the 17th century. The leaves were then cut on all sides and framed with strips of new paper. The monument appears without ornamentation and special connection. The Apocrypha of Aphrodite the Persian begins on the 11th leaf and ends at the beginning of the 16th leaf. The title is written in red ink, but it is quite faded and illegible.
Letter:The pages have 23 lines, written in a constitutional letter, which shows features characteristic of the XIV century.
Watermarks:"Pear" and "bow with an arrow".
Content:The text of the manuscript gives the complete apocryphal history of the miracle in Persia and the birth of Jesus Christ, which is the basis of the biblical account of the Savior's birth.
- Antikj Vera, Unpublished apocryphal text from the XIV century, Jubilee annual collection of the University "St. Cyril and Methodius ”, Skopje, 1972/73, p. 261-268.
- Apocryphal collection, Serbian review, third quarter of the XIV century, Slavic manuscripts in Macedonia, book 1, Archive of Macedonia, Skopje 1971, p. 333-335.
Storage location:State Archive of the Republic of Macedonia - Central Department
Made by:Emilia Ropp