permanent protection of archival material in the courts

Counseling in the organization of the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors "Pavel Shatev", in cooperation with the State Archives - Department Veles

On July 06, 2021, in the organization of the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors "Pavel Shatev" and in cooperation with the State Archives, a conference on "Archiving subject" was held. The counseling was realized through the web platform of the Academy (online).

The training was intended for court clerks working in court bookstores and court archives in courts across the country and was attended by 44 court clerks from basic courts, appellate courts, the Administrative Court, and the Higher Administrative Court.

The topic "Archiving subject" was addressed in two separate presentations, one by a representative of the courts through Suzana Varnalieva - court administrator in the Basic Court Veles, and on behalf of the State Archives presented Cvetanco Todorovski, a junior associate from the State Archives of RNM - Veles department.

At the counseling, the participants got acquainted with the State Archives as an institution, its establishment, activity, and the legislation that regulates the entire archival work in the country with emphasis on the rights and duties of the State Archives and courts as creators/holders of public archive material.

The participants were introduced in detail to several segments of the archival work:

  • Preparation and implementation of a Plan of archival marks, List of archival material, and List of documentary material with deadlines for its storage
  • Selection and recording of archival material
  • Separation of documentary material for destruction and procedure for obtaining consent from the State Archives
  • Handover the archival material by the courts to the State Archives for permanent storage.

Special interest and discussion in the participants were caused by the part for preparation and application of unified / unique plan of archival marks, List of archival material and List of documentary material with deadlines for its storage, in the archival work of the courts, each according to their competencies, even more, such a unique Plan and Lists is already in force from 2019 in the basic courts in Veles, Kavadarci, Negotino, and Gevgelija.

The following conclusions emerged from the consultation:

  • In order to ensure current and quality storage, processing, and permanent protection of the archival material in the courts, the cooperation between the State Archives and the courts, should be at an enviable level.
  • Harmonization of the archiving part of the Court Rules of Procedure with the Law on Archive Material and its bylaws
  • The courts should try to provide the best possible conditions, premises/court archives, where the archive material will be protected by law until it is handover to the State Archives for permanent storage.

The State Archives further will continue to monitor the archival work of public holders, providing professional assistance in order to permanently protect the public archive material and raise awareness of its storage, processing, and handover in its depots.

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