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The International Council on Archives (ICA) on October 20, 2021, at the invitation of its President, Mr. David Fricker, held a regular and extraordinary General Assembly since 2021.

This year, as well as last year, the General Assembly was organized online.

The International Archive Council has about 1400 members, from more than 190 countries in the world, and the State Archives of the Republic of North Macedonia has been a member since 1992. The work of the International Archive Council is based on the principles of transparency, democracy, accountability, and independence from political processes and influences, and its mission is to promote the protection, use, and availability of archival documents worldwide.

            The General Assembly, along with hundreds of other participants, primary directors of the national archives, and representatives of other archival organizations, was attended by Dr. Emil Krsteski, Director of the State Archives, as well as Svetlana Usprcova, Head of Research, International and Domestic cooperation and publication of archival material.

            The participants in the General Assembly were greeted by Mr. David Fricker, President of the International Archive Council and Director of the National Archives of Australia, as well as the Secretary-General, Ms. Antea Celes, and the Program Coordinators, who presented the annual reports.

The file of the General Assembly of the previous year was adopted at the General Assembly, the newly elected boards and sections were approved, the section for notary archives was abolished, the financial report for 2020 was presented, as well as the financial report for the current year, together with the membership fee table for 2022 certain amendments to the Statute of the International Archives Council were considered and adopted, which refer to certain structural reforms and greater involvement of the membership.

A virtual voting platform was used in the adoption of the files, reports, and amendments.

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