The Director of the State Archives and official representative of our Government in the process of succession of archive documents from former Yugoslavia, Dr. Emil Krsteski, held a working meeting and talks with the director of the Archives of Yugoslavia, Dr. Milan Terzić where they discussed future activities which would contribute to the development and expediting this process. Among the rest, they have accepted the proposal for broader inspection of the digitalization process of complete fonds and inclusion of other successor countries of former SFRY, followed by a mutual exchange was accepted, which would all to gather more extensive and important material in a short period.

During the talks, both sides highlighted the need for quickening the succession process of archive material from the 1945-1991 period found in this Archives and pertaining to Macedonia. The director of the Archives of Yugoslavia, Dr. Milan Terzić emphasized that their Archives is open for unhindered cooperation, while the Director of the State Archives, Dr. Emil Krsteski, announced that very soon expert personnel shall visit Belgrade to take over the archive material in compliance with the Succession Agreement. The meeting also identified the need for intensifying the cooperation through exchange and presentation of exhibitions and other projects.

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