May 24 is reminder of the work of Saints Cyril and Methodius

Doesn't the rain of God fall equally for everyone? And doesn't the sun also shine for everyone? Don't we all breathe the same air? So how come you aren't ashamed to recognize only three languages, and want to make all the other nations blind and deaf?- Constantine the Philosopher

The holy brothers Cyril and Methodius have a special place in the history of literacy and cultural development of all Slavic peoples, and thus earning their place in the collective memory of the peoples in many countries today. The contribution of saint Cyril and Methodius is civilizational because they presented the inhabitants of this area with an alphabet and brought them closer to the Orthodox Christianity as state religion in the Byzantine Empire in their understandable language.
            The two saints came from a prominent family in Thessaloniki, where Constantine before becoming a monk in his youth had the opportunity to get acquainted with the highest achievements of science, and his brother Methodius graduated from the most famous schools in Constantinople and became governor of the Strumica region.


After embracing the monastic life, the holy brothers had been sent by the Byzantine emperor on a mission among the Khazars, and then on a mission to Moravia to organize the church, which represented their greatest feat. Here Cyril had to compile an alphabet and translate the necessary church books into Slavic. In compiling the first Slavic alphabet Glagolitic used in the first translations of the necessary church books from Greek into Slavonic, Cyril turned to the language of the Macedonian Slavs from Thessaloniki and the surrounding area. The holy brothers also gained great respect in Rome, where the pope welcomed them with honors and allowed them to hold service in Slavic in several churches in Rome, thus recognizing the language as an official language of the church. Cyril died in Rome in 869, while Methodius died in 885 and was buried in the Moravian capital Velehrad. Today, the legacy of Saints Cyril and Methodius connects the culture of all Slavic peoples, who preserve the memory of them with piety.

            The State Archives congratulates the holiday 24 May - the Day of the All-Slavic educators to all citizens in our country.

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