The State Archive, in cooperation with the "British library", will digitize the entire material and legacy of the Manaki brothers in the next two years. The project for cooperation with the "British Library" and for the digitization of the entire work of the Manaki brothers has already been signed by the director of the State Archives, Dr. Emil Krsteski, and, understandably, this project will mainly be led by the State Archives team - Bitola Department, headed by the head, Goce Stojanovski.

British Museum Library London England

"In the Agreement, among other things, it is emphasized that the main goal is the complete digitization of the documents and photos of the first filmmakers in the Balkans, Janaki and Milton Manaki. The materials are located in the State Archives - Bitola department, which will mainly carry out the complete digitization. In the State Archives we have over 7,000 glass negative plates, over 3,000 rolls of film and over 10,000 original photographs from the late 19th century up to Milton's death in 1964. This collection of our photographs and film materials is one of the most significant in the Balkans," said the Director of the State Archives, Dr. Emil Krsteski.

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