73 years of the State Archives existence - 1 April: International Archives Day

This year marks the 73rd anniversary of the existence of the State Archives, an institution that is closely related to our statehood and has an extremely significant role in the preservation of collective memory. The seven-decade history of the existence of the State Archives is a history of the development of the archival activity and the creation of staff - archivists who have left a lasting mark on the image of our institution. On January 23, 1950, the first General Law on State Archives was adopted at the level of the Yugoslav Federation, and on January 6, 1951, the National Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia adopted the Law on State Archives. On that basis, on April 1, 1951, the State Archives of the Republic of Macedonia was established, and to this day it has changed its name several times (since 1965, it has been called Archives of Macedonia, since 2000 - State Archives of the Republic of Macedonia, and since 2019 State Archives of the Republic of North Macedonia).

објект на Архивот

In 1969 the first specially designed building of the Archives of Macedonia was constructed


From 1951 to 1962, Departments of the Archives were opened in Skopje, Ohrid, Bitola, Prilep, Kumanovo, Veles, Shtip, Strumica and Tetovo, which territorially cover a certain area with their competences. In the past period, the State Archives has achieved great success in integrating into international archival organizations, and in its development vision for the future, it has the priority of digitizing archival documentation for its greater protection and availability to the scientific public and all interested citizens. In recent years, the Archive and the employed professionals are part of archival education programs through which they invest in the creation of future staff - archivists.


The first Director of the State Archives

The State Archives administration would like to pay respect and extend profound gratitude to the employees who worked and are working in the State Archives for their commitment to the affirmation and preservation of the documentary heritage.

Happy State Archives and archivists' day!

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