May 5th - Day of the Macedonian language

Today, May 5, we celebrate the Day of the Macedonian Language, the day when in 1945 by Decision of the People's Government of Federal Macedonia, the alphabet of the Macedonian language was adopted based on the principle of one voice - one letter, and soon after, on June 7 of the same year, the spelling of the Macedonian language was also adopted. The codification of the modern Macedonian standard language is completed with the foundational works of the great Macedonian language, Blaže Koneski – The Grammar of the Macedonian Literary Language, the Dictionary of the Macedonian Language and the History of the Macedonian Language, as well as with the involvement and work of the Macedonian actor in the standardization of the Macedonian literary language. language and especially in the development of the grammar work, which is the author of the first Macedonian grammar, Krume Kepeski.
Happy Macedonian Language Day!

In the depot of the State Archive, the original document is kept - Decision on introducing the Macedonian language as an official language in the Macedonian state. The decision was made at the session of ASNOM, held on August 2, 1944, signed by Metodija Andonov-Cento and Ljupco Arsov.

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