Approval for the use of archival material is given by the director of the State Archives on the proposal of the manager responsible for providing information and use of archival material.

In accordance with Chapter II of the Rulebook, the use of the archive material in the State Archive of the Republic of Macedonia takes place in the following way and according to the following procedure:

  1. The potential and interested user of archive material submits a written request - application to the State Archives, in which he states data about the user, the purpose and topic of the research. Indicates the consent of the institution in whose program the topic is located, and other standard procedure (Article 7-11-12 of the Rulebook).
  2. The user is obliged to indicate in his scientific or professional work that he used archival material in the Archive, ie to quote the relevant signature for the archive fund and the archival unit (s) (document (s)) he used.
  3. The user is obliged one copy from his published work for the preparation of which he used archival material in the Archive, to give to the library of the Archive, free of charge.

For the needs of the users, the State Archive performs technical services: copying, microfilming, scanning and printing of documents, with financial compensation for the material costs incurred. (Articles 113 and 114 of the Rulebook).

The Rulebook prescribes certain limits in the number of documents that can be given for use. These are: 5 archive units or 10 pages for preparation of a press release, paper, lecture, etc .; 10 units with 50 pages for scientific work (master's, doctoral, project, etc.). For the needs of state bodies and scientific institutions, for scientific projects, copying is adjusted according to the needs and possibilities of the Archive (Article 15 of the Rulebook).

The Archive puts its own stamp on each issued copy of an archival document. The user can receive a stamped copy if he signs a statement that it will be published in his scientific paper. The user who published a facsimile of a document used in the Archive, for which he did not receive permission to publish from the Archive, is deprived of the right to further use archival material in the Archive (Articles 17 and 18).

The Rulebook contains provisions for the work of the Reading Room of the Archive. An authorized employee works in the reading room with the users who introduces them to the content of this Rulebook, their rights and the conditions for using the archive material.

The archive material is ordered by the user by filling in a mutual use sheet. The ordering of the archival material can be done directly in the Archive itself, by phone, fax or by classic or electronic mail, if the user is aware of the signatures of the archive material he wants to use (Articles 19-27).

The user can use up to 10 archive items per day, or 5 files or folders or 2 boxes of lumber, or 1 microfilm from a certain archive fund. If the user requests to use archive material from several archive funds, then several mutual sheets are filled out. The order of use is determined by the user together with the authorized worker in the reading room, but in the same quantity as in paragraph 1 of Art. 23 of the Rulebook.

The handover of the archive material for use between the user and the authorized person is done with reverse. In the reverse, in addition to the data on the user and the requested archive material, the day and hour of the issuance and return of the material are determined (Article 24, paragraph 1).

After finishing the use of the archive material, the user is obliged to return it in order and condition as it was received. The authorized employee in the reading room performs a detailed check of the used archive material and the scientific-informative means for the material. Such a check is also performed by workers from the Department - Depot (Article 24).

The user is obliged to handle the archive material given to him for use conscientiously and correctly and to keep it from any kind of damage, for which there are explicit prohibitions.

The user must not:

  • to change the order in which the documents are located;
  • to arrange the untidy archive material;
  • to take notes on the document itself;
  • use the documents as a basis for writing;
  • to use material from which documents may be damaged;
  • to interfere with the work of other users in the reading room;
  • to present archival material outside the reading room;
  • to appropriate or alienate material;
  • to exchange material with other users.
  • The user is obliged to adhere to the instructions when using technical means (micro reader, computer, etc.) (Article 26 of the Rulebook).

If the user does not comply with the provisions of the Rulebook, he may be warned and forced to remove the omission or to be temporarily removed from the reading room (Article 24).

Section VI Final Provisions of the Rulebook prescribes the measures for temporary prohibition in the use or for further use of archival material in the Archive, as well as the taking of appropriate legal measures. Such measures are decided by the director of the Archive on the basis of a reasoned written proposal of the manager responsible for the information and the use of the archive material.