The State Archive of the Republic of Northern Macedonia draws its own organizational-functional set-up according to the nature of the works and functions that are standard and characteristic of a modern archive. These are the following functions:

  • management and administration of the Archive;
  • performing inspection supervision and providing expert assistance in the protection of the archival material that occurs with the holders;
  • protection of the archive material in the Archive;
  • arranging and processing the archive funds and material in the Archive;
  • organizing a service for information, availability and use of archival material in a specialized reading room;
  • research of archival material in the country and abroad;
  • publishing archival material and scientific-informative means;
  • presentation and popularization of archival material;
  • building a unique information system of DARM;
  • organizing a general service for legal, personnel, financial, office-archive and security affairs.

Hence, the organizational set-up of the State Archive of the Republic of Northern Macedonia arises from the grouping of the above-mentioned functions and activities according to its functional kinship and connection.

Download: Organogram for internal organization of SARNM


The State Archive of the Republic of Northern Macedonia has the status of an administrative organization within the state administration of the Republic of Northern Macedonia. Vertically, the State Archive is directly related to the Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia and is responsible for it. The State Archives is managed by a state official - director.

The Director of DARSM has great powers regarding the representation and overall functioning of DARSM. He is responsible for the operation of DARSM. The director has his own deputy.

For certain organizational and professional issues, the director is assisted by an advisory body - Professional Collegium. The heads of the basic and internal organizational units participate in the work of the Professional Collegium.

The basic organizational units are managed by heads of departments. The internal organizational units are managed by heads of departments. The regional offices of DARSM are managed by heads of departments.

For reviewing issues of professional-scientific character, in the Archive there is a Professional-Scientific Council, in which participate professional and scientific workers who are not in employment with the Archive.

The units of DARSM, with headquarters in the following cities: Bitola, Skopje, Prilep, Kumanovo, Veles, Strumica, Ohrid, Stip and Tetovo, do not have the status of a legal entity and are dislocated organizational units of the State Archive that perform archival functions in a certain territorial area. from several municipalities.