This privacy policy provides general information about the processing of personal data when you visit the website of the State Archives of the Republic of Northern Macedonia (hereinafter: DARSM) and / or use any of our administrative services through it. We collect only those personal data that are necessary to accomplish our legal tasks and powers.

Whose data do we collect:

  • Visitors to our website We typically collect navigation data that is used to analyze data from visits to our website as well as to maintain information security on our website.
  •  applicants and other natural persons in connection with the submission of various requests and services.
  •  persons who submit notifications and requests to DARSM based on the Law on Personal Data Protection.
  • Persons seeking access to public information based on the Law on Free Access to Public Information. In order to process the requests for access to information, the submitters are required to submit certain data, based on the Law on Free Access to Public Information.
  • Participants in trainings, conferences, and events - Personal data for the purpose of conducting trainings and events organized by SARNM

Categories of data to be processed:

Navigation data:

When visiting our website server, logs are created for each visitor with the following data:

  •  Your Internet Protocol (IP) address;
  •  time and date of access to the website;
  •  Country (specified via IP address), server logs are automatically deleted within 30 days, unless circumstances require a longer stay, for example, to investigate a virus or malicious attack. We carry out all activities on the website internally, including the logs that are created and the analysis of the data that is transmitted from the visits to our website;
  •  Search keywords on our website.

Data that users voluntarily submit:

The personal data we collect from your visit to our website are those that you voluntarily submit for specific purposes, in order to enable us to exercise our authority to issue certificates of service and property legal acts, to approve use and research of archival material, for fulfilling competencies in the field of office and archival work, providing feedback.

We may collect some of the following categories of personal information: name, address, contact telephone, fax, email and signature. Our Annual Reports usually provide statistics on the number of requests received and the number of services provided, in a form that does not reveal one's identity.

How we collect personal data

We collect personal data through various channels, prescribed by internal normative acts, including:

  •  Through your use of our website, including the form for sending an email to the registry of the State Archives at the following address:, your email address, while the first and last name field is optional. Leaving this data is only with the permission of the visitor to the SARNM website;
  •  by sending letters to the official e-mail addresses of the employees in the State Archives;
  •  by submitting requests for issuance of a certificate for property-legal acts;
  •  by submitting applications for issuance of a certificate of length of service;
  •  by submitting an application for the use of archival material;
  •  by submitting a request for purchase of archival publications;
  •  by performing supervision and control over the holders of public and private archival archival and documentary material and keeping records during the inspection and professional supervision of the holders, in accordance with Article 2, paragraph 4 of the Law on Personal Data Protection;
  •  through financial operations, when concluding contracts, copyright contracts, when conducting public procurement;
  •  through mail.

What are your rights?

Your rights regarding the processing of personal data are:

  • the right to be informed about the processing of personal data;
  • the right of access to personal data;
  • the right to correct and delete personal data;
  • the right to restrict the processing of personal data;
  • right to object.

For additional information and / or exercising your rights to personal data protection, you can contact our personal data protection officer, Goran Manevski, at the following e-mail:

Right to submit a request to the Agency for Personal Data Protection (AZLP)

If you consider that the way SARNM processes your personal data violates the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection, you can submit a request to the LPDP as a supervisory body, which will be treated in the same way as any other submitted request, according to Article 97 of the Law on Personal Data Protection.

The request can be submitted through the website or in any way through the contact information published in the CONTACT section.

Changing privacy policy

The privacy policy will be regularly amended in accordance with the changes and our activities.