The matter for stay of foreigners in the State Archive of the Republic of Northern Macedonia is regulated by a special rulebook. In accordance with the Rulebook, foreign citizens and researchers can stay in the Archive at his invitation, at the proposal of state bodies from the Republic of Northern Macedonia and if they log in directly. They are received by the director of the State Archives, the deputy director or another authorized employee.

The Rulebook prescribes the movement and the rules for conducting conversations with the announced foreign citizens, as well as the identification and announcement of unannounced foreigners (Article 3-7 of the Rulebook).

Foreign nationals may use archival material in the Archive in accordance with the Law on Archival Material, international agreements, on the basis of reciprocity and in accordance with the general acts of the Archive.

The planning, organization and realization of the stay of foreign delegations or individuals in the Archive are provided by responsible employees in the Archive.

Foreign citizens can use archive material in the regional offices of the Archive only with the prior approval of the Director of the Archive.

A foreign citizen will not be allowed further residence or research of archival material, if he does not comply with the provisions of the Law on Archival Material and this Rulebook.