The publication of archive material and scientific-information means is an important function of the State Archive of the Republic of Northern Macedonia. The publication of documents is a logical end to the previous archival work in the Archive. This allows the documents to live a new life and benefit a wide range of users. Based on the published documents, historiographical and other papers with greater factual and historical value are prepared. In this way the archive material is better protected (the editions are used, not the original material).

The State Archives of the Republic of Northern Macedonia for a long time was oriented towards publishing archival material that is important for the history of the Macedonian people and Macedonia and for that purpose undertook extensive archival research abroad. This seeks to complete the fund gaps. The published documents shed additional light on some topics, events and personalities that are important for Macedonian history.

The State Archive of the Republic of Northern Macedonia mostly publishes publications "For a wider range of scholars and researchers, in order to meet the needs of faithful reproduction of the original, but also for clarity and comprehensibility of the text." These are criteria that are considered generally accepted in the world.

The collections of documents are published in Macedonian translation (if written in foreign languages) or with transcription or facsimiles, and with a short content of the document (register), displayed according to the chronological principle, with an appropriate scientific apparatus (footnotes, etc.) and with indexes for personal and geographical names. In the scientific apparatus, the terms and terms are explained, the disputed points are clarified, etc.

The translated documents are published in Macedonian literary language and with a modern punctuation. Where documents are published in transcription, the spelling and punctuation of the original are retained. In all collections of documents, the introduction and the registers are translated into one of the world languages. In addition to these general rules, each edition has its own specifics.

The State Archives started issuing documents in 1963. External scholars and archivists from the Archive are engaged in publishing documents.

As a result of the intensive and continuous publishing activity, the Archive published several editions and separate editions that are contained in the Catalog of Publications of the State Archives of the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

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Catalog of editions