One of the forms of continuous professional and scientific training of the archival staff in the People's Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Macedonia is the organization and participation of archival professional-scientific gatherings. Expert consultations were organized at the national, inter-republican and federal levels. Thus, in the past 50 years (1954 - 2004) about 90 professional-scientific gatherings of archivists have been held, organized by the State Archives of the Republic of Macedonia and the archivists' unions of Macedonia and Yugoslavia.

Namely, in the period 1968-1990, 20 republican consultations of the archival workers of Macedonia were held. The archivists from the State Archives and the historical archives in the Republic, as well as members of the Association of Associations of Archival Workers of Macedonia (SDARM) participated in them with papers and announcements. Most of these consultations were related to the application of archival regulations (laws, decrees, instructions, etc.), as well as separate thematic-problematic consultations (working with the holders, arranging and processing archival documents, protection of documents in case of war). etc.). The materials from the republican councils were published in the magazine "Macedonian Archivist".

In the period 1969-1990, 20 inter-republican conferences of the archival workers of Macedonia and Serbia were held. Most of these consultations are of problem-thematic nature, then for the application of regulations, exchange of experiences, etc. The materials were published in the magazines "Macedonian Archivist" and "Archival Review".

Regular federal consultations (1968-1990) were held at the level of the Union of Archival Workers of Yugoslavia, attended by papers and announcements. They are published in the Federal Magazine "Archivist".

He also participated in the work of the 11th Congresses of Archival Workers of Yugoslavia, which are held every four years (1954-1990) with papers and announcements. SDARM and the State Archives of Macedonia were the organizers of the first archival congress in Ohrid (1954) and the IX congress in Struga (1980). The materials of the congresses are published in special editions.

The State Archive of the Republic of Macedonia was the organizer of the International Round Table "Archives in the Time of Transition", which took place in June 1996. in Ohrid. The materials from the round table have been published in a special edition of the State Archives.

A special form of cooperation with the holders of archival citizenship in the Republic were the regular expert counseling for the improvement of the staff working in the archives - the archives of the holders. Namely, in the period 1968-2004, 20 consultations were held with representatives of the holders. They were organized as general consultations for all holders (for the application of new archival regulations, plans and lists, etc.) or according to holders from a separate branch of activity (state administration, local self-government, economy, health, education, defense, etc.) .

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