The activity of the State Archives of the Republic of North Macedonia, i.e. the activities and tasks through which it is performed and are performed, are defined by the Rulebook for internal organization and work. The provisions of this Rulebook are adopted according to world standards (ISAD and ISAAR) and according to world archival experiences.

This standard defines the following activities:

  • Supervision of the archive material outside DARSM, ie with the holders of documentary and archive material.
  • Protection of archival material by holders
  • Insight and expert supervision in the condition of the documentary and archive material with the holders
  • Providing professional assistance related to office and archival work
  • Receipt, accommodation and storage of archival material
  • Editing and processing of archive material
  • Valorization, arrangement and processing of archival funds and collections
  • Publishing archival material for sorting and processing or for use for scientific purposes
  • Providing physical - technical and microclimate protection of the archive material
  • Protection of archival material through microfilming
  • Research and recording of archive material in the country and abroad for the purpose of completing the funds of DARSM
  • Presentation of archival material, organization of lectures and other forms of cultural and educational activity
  • Publishing collections of documents, monographs, scientific and informational media and digital multimedia presentations
  • Research, design and implementation of application software in the field of operation of DARSM
  • Digitization of the archive material stored in DARSM
  • Library work, ie. research, reception, storage and publishing of newspapers, magazines and books and their protection through restoration and binding