Under the motto “Improving experiences with historical heritage – exploring the paths of cultures”, an International Scientific Meeting dedicated to history, archival science and digitalization in the 21st century is being held in Šibenik, Croatia. 

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The purpose of such scientific gatherings, organized by the European Association for Archival Research – ICARUS, based in Vienna, is aimed at archival cooperation “without borders”, encouraging innovative projects and approaches to the research of historical sources, building a common information infrastructure and using modern technologies for easier access to historical sources and other content from the field of culture and cultural heritage. 

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In addition to high-ranking representatives from the International Archives Council, the European Foundation and ICARUS, professors and representatives from: Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Latvia, Hungary, Italy, Spain, as well as from all six countries that emerged from former Yugoslavia. 

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"Such scientific gatherings always provide an opportunity to exchange experiences in connection with archival work and the application of modern methods in that direction and in the implementation of digitalization and the connection of Archives and in general the connection of countries and peoples of Europe on the basis of providing history and cultural heritage" – emphasized, among other things, the director of the State Archives, Dr. Emil Krsteski, who emphasized the reach of our archival work in the nine departments, the possibilities for intensifying the process of digitalization of historical documents and materials, the improvement of the conditions for work and the greater affirmation of historical scientific activity in correlation with archival work methods.

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