Call for submission of articles for the magazine "Makedonski Archivist" no. 35-36

The State Archives announces a call for submission of texts (attachments) for the new two-issue of the international scientific magazine "Makedonski Archivist" no. 35-36, which publishes papers on archival theory and practice, papers on the theory and methodology of studying and using written historical sources, presentation of funds from the State Archive and other archives, articles with historical content, bibliographies, memories, etc.

This double issue will be published in 2024.

The papers should be written in the Macedonian language or in one of the world languages (English, French, German, and Russian). The abstract should be written in both Macedonian and English, regardless of the language of the article. The editorial board of the magazine "Makedonski Archivist" invites you to submit your papers to the email address no later than May 20, 2024. The specified deadline should be observed by the authors, and the Editorial Board will notify them by June 17, 2024,regarding the acceptance of the submitted paper and for each accepted paper, a reviewer will be determined, who will review it anonymously.

When writing the paper, the guidelines from the Guidelines for the preparation of the texts in the "Makedonski Archivist" magazine, which can be found on the website of the State Archive, must be applied.

Interested authors for additional information and consultations can contact the e-mail

Link that leads to the Guidelines for the preparation of texts

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