History obliges us not to forget anything and no one, and to keep the memories of the bright dates and the names of the great fighters for the present and future generations.

And that is why we return and remember Ilinden - to not forget the fate of our ancestors, to revive the memory of the Macedonian people's aspiration for freedom and independence and not to extinguish the torch of the struggle for sustainability of universal democratic values.

The constant perception of the essence of the Macedonian revolutionary movement from the end of the 19th century is a constant challenge, and it can be said with certainty that Ilinden is the foundation of our statehood and a roadmap for our future, a confirmation of our identity, our history, language and culture.

The Ottoman period is characteristic and complex for the entire Balkan Peninsula from the end of the 14th to the beginning of the 20th century and practically defines the history of the region over several centuries, leaving a mark and a great heritage of the Macedonian area in the cultural, demographic, social and the economic sphere.

The only institution that best confirms this is the State Archives, which is the custodian of our memory and which successfully faces the challenge known in our history as - pre-Ilinden, Ilinden and post-Ilinden period. The brochure "Documents for Prilep and Krushevo from the Ilinden period" contains documents, photographs and historical materials that shed light on the truth about our glorious past from that period.  

The presentation of this past and the documents related to Ilinden that are preserved in our country and in Turkey are an important basis for continuous long-term mutual cooperation, which results in the publication of many unknown documents from our history.

In that regard, neither Prilep nor Krushevo are forgotten. The mutual cooperation of the State Archives and the Municipality of Krushevo once again is confirmed with the publication of this important archive material, more accurate a brochure that allows us to travel through the five-century Turkish Empire and its functioning, but also the disobedience of the Macedonian people, ideals and optimism, endurance and courage of our Ilinden people.

With the publication of this historical Brochure, the State Archive presents to the public documents from the archive funds such as: "District Administration Prilep (1869 - 1912)", "Municipal Administration Prilep (1869 - 1912)", "Cadastral Administration - Prilep", "Financial Administration - Prilep "," Tapii Administration - Prilep "," Collections of Turkish documents - firmani, berati, vakufnami, bujuruldii ", hitherto unpublished photos of Ilinden detachments, dukes and fighters, documents, letters and correspondence, as well as the coded alphabet written by Goce Delchev himself, to protect communication with his comrades from the Ottomans.

Ilinden is a part of all of us, and we should live with it, pay tribute to the Ilinden fighters and be proud of their deeds. 2nd of August is the brightest date, an unsurpassed event in our history that can not and will not be forgotten! Never!

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