"The State Archive, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the National Uprising, worthily promotes the benefits of the National Liberation Struggle in Macedonia with appropriate announcements, exhibitions and lectures in most of our departments in the country," the director of the State Archives, Dr. Emil Krsteski stated for DenesMagazin.         

The Day of the National Uprising in Macedonia - October 11, in fact, symbolizes the state-building capacity of the Macedonian people for a sovereign and independent state, as a continuation of all previous uprisings and aspirations for social and national freedom, says, among others, Dr. Emil Krsteski.

Anti-fascism was accepted as a driving force that provided our fighters with true allies and friends. The National Liberation Struggle, in which we had many casualties, enabled us to be in a coalition with the victorious European powers and countries, advocates for freedom, peace and democracy. The partisans from the First Prilep and Kumanovo detachments were the first fighters who showed the way to freedom and progressive social ideas and who fired the first bullets in Prilep and Kumanovo, marking the decisive beginning of the anti-fascist revolution.

New Book1676
New Book1677

PC CPY proclamation for Macedonia in which it calls on the Macedonian people to fight against fascist tyranny

The State Archive, as a treasury of historical-documentary wealth, preserves the national memory of the National Liberation Struggle, located in the archival funds related to the history of the modern Macedonian state, on October 11, 1941, in remembrance of our glorious past and our commitment to promoting the true universal values of freedom, peace and respect for human rights. At the same time, we create an honest, open and educational attitude towards the younger generations for their attachment to history and homeland, and we enable scientists to explore and publish works about this bright period of our history. This is how I expect it to be in the future, which would preserve the values and benefits of the National Liberation War and would return to the heroism of our ancestors, as an incentive to continue realizing their noble ideals and aspirations "- added the director of the State Archives, Dr. Emil Krsteski.

May the great holiday of October 11 be happy and eternal for us!

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,,Државниот архив, по повод 80-годишнината од народното востание, достојно ги промовира придобивките од Народноослободителната борба

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