Татјана Алексовска Сапунџиоска: „Наша цел е да се зачуваат документите, подарувајте ги на Државниот архив“

The head of the regional department - Skopje, Tatiana Aleksovska Sapundjioska, was a guest on one of the national televisions, where she invited the private holders from the territory of the city of Skopje to donate archive materials to the regional department.

The head explained the procedure for donating archive materials and their valorization, the manner in which private holders can contact the regional department and the procedures for further acquisition and storage. At the moment, the citizens are interested in obtaining more detailed information about the types of documents that can be handed over, and about the donation procedure. She also referred to the role of the State Archives in the society, as well as about the process of collecting, processing, storing and affirming documents by organizing exhibitions.

The regional department, according to the head Tatiana Aleksovska Sapundjioska, is dedicated to modernizing the documents access, in order to provide quality services for citizens of the city of Skopje and the surrounding area. These are property needs - legal needs, pension rights as well as research purposes.

This department has 772 fonds with archive materials, which cover the period from the time when Skopje was a Turkish municipality, through the period between the two World Wars, the National Liberation Struggle, ending with today. The fonds are available for use by interested parties in accordance with the established procedure.

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