The archive documentation of the State Archives - base of the work "Macedonians - Millennial Testimonies of the Identity Name"

Recently, Dr. Branislav Svetozarevikj, an employee of the State Archives, published the work “Macedonians – millennial testimonies of the identity name”, this is a combination of compilation and study. It contains sources in which the ethnonym Macedonians is used for the inhabitants and the people who lived on the historical and geographical territory of Macedonia.  Hence, the subject of the research of this significant work, which is the historically based name of contemporary Macedonians. The work-study “Macedonians – millennial testimonies of the identity name” cover the studying of the phenomena associated with the name as an identity mark of particular people (as an ethnic group) and a particular nation (in the contemporary sense of the word).

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In addition, Dr. Branislav Svetozarevikj’s studies are giving answers to the question of how the name “Macedonians” survived through the centuries, from antiquity to the present day, and how it characterized the population, people or nation that carried it, mainly in three forms of self-conscious nominal identification: territorial, folk and national.

In the preparation of this work, the author investigated the extensive archival documentation in the State Archives, with a large part of the available documents are included in its content.

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