The State Archives Published the First Volume of the Edition Albanian Documents about the History of Macedonia, 1941 - 1944

The State Archives has realized several annual scientific researches in the General Directorate of the Archives of the Republic of Albania, which resulted with the collection of documents titled "Albanian Documents about the History of Macedonia 1941 - 1944", Volume 1, foreword, selection, translation, redaction and comments by Dr. Muzafer Bislimi. This collection includes documents translated for the first time in Macedonian and Albanian, and refer to the territories of Macedonia which in the referred period were part of Fascist Italy, i.e. the Kingdom of Albania. These territories were under the administrative jurisdiction of the Debar Prefecture, which consisted of 5 sub-prefectures - Reka, Gostivar, Tetovo, Kicevo and Struga, and 5 districts Baskia (civic municipalities) - Debar, Tetovo, Gostivar, Kicevo and Struga. The documents included in this volume are with provenance from January 1942 to August 1944.

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Most of them represent reports, requests, orders or correspondence between the administrative bodies, starting with the smallest municipality, districts, sub-prefectures, prefectures to the ministries and the Council of Ministries (the Government of the Kingdom of Albania), but there are also documents from the different appeals made by individuals to the local and central bodies. Especially interesting is the correspondence between the administrative bodies in several cases of conflicts or impatience between different office holders in the state oligarchy. In other documents from the correspondence between the state bodies there are different reports about the religious and national structure and the language spoken in the sub-prefecture of Struga, with its municipalities, a total of 13. The collection includes reports about the sanitation and health bodies, weekly reports about deaths, document groups about the state administration, etc.

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A total of 169 documents were translated and processed in this volume, with political, economic, religious, cultural, administrative, health and other aspect. The documents provide basis for investigating the development of the state administration in these regions, the territorial organization, the financial sustainability of this division, the functioning of the municipality, the leveling of the pay in the administration, the additions, expenditures, health insurance and care for the population, the functioning of the administration, the popular sentiment about the government, and the relations and coexistence of the population in this area in general.

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