The book “ Romanian diplomatic documents for Macedonia (1901 - 1903)” promoted by Blagoj Zashov

In the Museum of Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle, today was promoted the book “Romanian diplomatic documents for Macedonia (1901-1903)” by Ambassador Blagoj Zashov, in the edition of the State Archives. At the promotion for the significance of this labour held a speech by: Director of the State Archives, Dr. Emil Krsteski, Director of the Institute of National History, Dr. Dragi Georgiev, Minister Advisor at the Romanian Embassy in Skopje, H.E. Gabriel Nikola and the author himself, Blagoj Zashov. This promotion was moderated by Chairman of the Diplomatic Club, Ambassador Victor Gaber. „Diplomatic history is significant for all peoples and states because it gives a broad perspective on historical processes. Such is the example of the Macedonian people, for whose aspirations for national liberation and the formation of their own state before and after the Ilinden Uprising, then views and reports of foreign diplomats represent a crucial source from which historical science draws useful and very valuable information and facts for the interpretation of our past,” said, among others, the Director of the State Archives, Dr. Emil Krsteski.

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