Promotion of collection of documents, 'THE SKOPJE PARTY ORGANIZATION OF PK OF KPJ/KPM (1941 - 1944)', volume I, book 1 and book 2

The collection of documents was promoted on May 4 at 5 pm, at the Promotional Center, within the 34th International Book Fair 'THE SKOPJE PARTY ORGANIZATION OF PK OF KPJ/KPM (1941 - 1944)', the collection of documents, volume I, book 1 and book 2 by the authors: Dr. Ljubica Janceva, Dr. Katerina Mircevska, Dr. Dimitar Ljorovski whose publisher is the State Archives.

"Fairs are always a good opportunity to see what is new, and in this case, historical science gets the opportunity to be promoted seen, and heard. Of course, in the society in which we live and in which we function, it is very important to know one's own, to know the history, to know the past, in order to be a dignified person. We historians always make an effort to present to the public the new, the forgotten, to build our views, to question the testimonies "and to return to those who once existed and tried to do something. In all these endeavors, the Archive provides an opportunity to always present what historians consider to be truly valuable. An example of that are these two important publications," said the promoter of the collection, Dr. Jasmina Damjanovska. At the promotion on behalf of the authors spoke Dr. Ljubica Janceva, stressed the importance of publishing this collection not only for the State Archives but also for the wider reader audience.

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