The State Archives continuously develops inter-institutional cooperation in the field of scientific, research and educational activities. Starting from that priority, a Protocol of cooperation was signed today between the director of the State Archives, Dr. Emil Krsteski, and the director of the National and university library "St. Clement of Ohrid "- Skopje, Mrs. Jelisaveta Kostadinova.


With the Protocol, the two institutions committed to implement common programs and projects in the field of culture, science and education and to organize seminars, conferences, consultations, promotions and exhibitions. Dr. Emil Krsteski emphasized at the meeting that the preparation and publication of common publications is a significant innovation that is foreseen in the interest of the popularization of Macedonian national history.

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The protocol envisages that the book collection available to the two institutions will be fully available to the employees for research purposes, while also providing for the education of the library staff in the Archive and mentoring by professionals from NUL "St. Clement of Ohrid". The signatory directors agreed that in this way they set a positive example for the realization of a common vision for the development of inter-institutional cooperation.

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