The project "Macedonian issue in the documents of the Cominterna" began in late 1994 by the Russian Center for the Storage and Study of Documents of Recent History (RCSSDRH) and Moscow State University in History "M. V. Lomonosov". This project aims to provide a wide range of sources for a comprehensive and thorough study of the policy of the Comintern in relation to the "Macedonian issue" as a problem that was one of the most mythologized and politicized in historical science. The State Archives joined this initiative two decades ago. The second volume of the collection "The Macedonian issue in the documents of the Cominterna" part 1: IMRO (United) 1925 - 1928, prepared by Dr. Jasmina Damjanovska, Dr. Lenina Žila, and Dr. Vlado Popovski, is actually a continuation of the first volume of the identical collection, which covered the period from 1923 to 1925 and was published in 1999.

VMRO Kominterna Korica 1

Documents and materials related to the creation and activity of IMRO (United) in the period from 1925 have been moved there until 1928, they are mainly from the funds owned by the Russian State Archive of Social-Political History (RSASPH). In addition, documents from the Central State Archives of the Republic of Bulgaria, the State Archives of the Republic of North Macedonia, the Archives of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, as well as articles and appeals from the newspaper "Macedonsko delo", which was the organ of IMRO (United). Most of the documents are published for the first time. The implementers of the project "The Macedonian issue in the documents of the Cominterna", created an extensive source base, which will be available to researchers for an objective study of the indicated topic. The State Archives will continue in the future, based on the developed international cooperation, to publish archival documentation from foreign archives in the interest of the scientific research work of historians and for familiarizing the public with facts from Macedonian history.

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