Published Collection "German Documents of the Local Self-defence in the Aegean part of Macedonia (1943 - 1944)"

The collection of documents "German Documents of the Local Self-defence in the Aegean part of Macedonia (1943 - 1944)", foreword, introduction, selection, and editing by Dr. Roberto Trajkovski, covers an insufficiently researched subject in historiography, which several historiographers only partially covered. Whom redactor intention of his edition supported by the State Archives was to inform the public about the forms of political and arms collaboration of individuals and groups of Aegean Macedonia with the Third Reich. In the Wehrmacht documents they can be found under different terms, and it is fascinating that the members of the IMRO were instrumental in organizing these units in Aegean Macedonia.

Germanski dokumenti Korica 1

The documents in this compilation are mainly documents from the National Archives of the United States of America - Washington (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration - Washington), the Federal Archive - Military Archive Freiburg im Breisgau - Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesarchiv-Militararchiv Freuburg im Breisgau ), the Central State Archive of Bavaria (Bayarisches Hauptstaatsarchiv) and the State Military Archive of Russia (Российский государственный военный архив). The translated, edited and clarified documents relating to the armed groups mentioned in the Macedonian part of the Aegean fill a gap in the historiography that will benefit scholars of the period and actions mentioned during the Second World War.

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