Opening of the exhibition "Missionary of Charity - Memories of Mother Teresa in the State Archives"

In honour of the memory of Saint Mother Teresa, the exhibition titled "Missionary of Charity - Memories of Mother Teresa in the State Archives" was opened in the NI Museum of Macedonian Struggle. The audience was addressed by the Director of the State Archives, Dr. Emil Krsteski, who pointed out that the exhibition is a contribution in commemorating the 25th anniversary of the passing of saint Mother Teresa, whose deed is timeless and revered by the international community. Dr. Emil Krsteski emphasised that our country takes pride in the fact that the life journey of the saint started here, from the city of Skopje.


The authoress of the exhibition, Dr. Jasmina Damjanovska, explained that the exhibition panels represent the State Archives rich archive documentation about the Bojaxhiu family, which covers the period during their residence in Skopje, which are presented to the public for the first time. The photographs included in the exhibition, as the authoress pointed out, depict the connection and nostalgia of the Saint about her place of birth where she prepared for her missionary activities.

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The event included the address of Mr. Alojz Gombar, a descendant of the Bojaxhiu family, whose family history is included in the exhibition consisting of 16 panels with more than 100 photographs and documents. The exhibition saw the presence of representatives of the diplomatic core, state institutions, and admirers of Mother Teresa, who had an opportunity to see a documentary.

The exhibition is open until 13th of September.


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