ninth annual year of the international conference of archives council in Rome

International archives council from 19 to 23 September 2022, with the motto"Archives bringing the gap", in Rome, Republic of Italy, held the ninth annual conference, which participated archivists from around the world and has around 200 speakers, who talk about current issues related to archival work at the world level. This conference is organized by the International archive council, SOS Archivi, Symposia Srl, and the General directorate of archives of the Republic of Italy.


International archives council (International Council on Archives – www.ica.org) is a neutral, non-government organization, financed by its membership, which has been uniting archival institutions and archivists from the world for over 70 years and has about 2000 members from 161 countries. International archives council believes that effective office and archive working is essential to good governance, ruling law, transparency, preservation of collective memory, and access to information by citizens.


Ninth annual conference of International archives council, which for the first time since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic is held with physical presence, participated also the director of the State Archives, Dr. Emil Krsteski, who has the opportunity to be part of the meetings of the governing bodies of the International Archives Council, as well as the General Assembly of this organization and the meeting of the Executive Board of the European Branch of the International Archives Council. The conference discusses bridging the gap between global and local, public and private, rights and duties, in order to contribute to the development of societies in which all different components coexist. 

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At the official opening of this international conference, the newly elected president of the International Archives Council, Mrs. Josée Kirps, director of the National Archives of Luxembourg, addressed the members for the first time.

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As a part of the conference, Dr. Emil Krsteski had meetings and conversations with the former president of International archives council and with the director of National archives of Australia, Mr. David Fricker and with the newly elected president of International archives council, Mrs. Jose Kiros and president of European branch of International archives council and the director of National archives of Malta, Dr. Charles Faruja.

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