Presentation of archival material

DARM - The Central Department has organized several archival exhibitions:
  • Macedonia through the centuries,
  • Macedonia from the X century until today,
  • Ilinden 1903-2003 - one hundred years of Macedonian statehood,
  • ASNOM - documents,
  • Goce Delchev,
  • The Macedonian Army 1941-1945,
  • Development of education in Macedonia,
  • The Jews in Macedonia 1941-1945, etc.

The exhibitions have been displayed in the Republic of Macedonia and abroad and have affirmed the archive wealth available to DARM.

DARM - Bitola Department - exhibitions on the occasion:
  • October 11 - The day of the uprising of Macedonia,
  • November 4 - The day of the liberation of Bitola,
  • August 2 - The day of the Ilinden uprising,
  • March 11 - Day of the Deportation of the Jews,
  • May 9 - Day of Victory over Fascism,
  • permanent exhibition on the work of the Manaki brothers.
DARM - Department Veles:
  • "The Vardar region through the documents of DARM",
  • "Documents for the Veles partisan detachment" Dimitar Vlahov ",
  • "The revolutionary and creative life of Kocho Racin",
  • "The life and work of Jordan H. K. "The Giant";
  • "Veles in the last century" and
  • "Veles through documents and photographs".
DARM - Department of Kumanovo:
  • permanent archive exhibition "Kumanovo through documents and photographs".
DARM - Department Ohrid:
  • "Ohrid through history".
DARM - Department Skopje:
  • "The reflection of the Skopje earthquake in the foreign press",
  • "Tito and our anniversaries";
  • "Sixty years of the Skopje Red Municipality",
  • "Thirty-seven years of free and creative life",
  • "Thirty years of existence of the Archive of Skopje",
  • "Thirty years since the Skopje earthquake",
  • "Free Skopje with love" is a permanent exhibition in the Department.
DARM - Tetovo Department:
  • "ASNOM" 1944–1994, House of Culture in Tetovo, 1994,
  • "Tito - Thought, word and deed", House of Culture in Tetovo 1981.

Macedonia through the centuries

Русите во Македонија (1920-1940)

The Faces of War (1914-1918)

Македонската кинематографија (1947 – 1991)