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The State Archives celebrated 70 years of its existence

On the occasion of 70 years since the establishment of the State Archives, a formal academy was held today in Skopje, under the auspices of the Prime Minister, Mr. Zoran Zaev, who addressed the participants. The President, Stevo Pendarovski, the Archbishop gg were also present at the solemn gathering. Stefan, MPs, ministers, the mayor of Skopje, ambassadors, historians and experts.  

At the solemn modest, but dignified and dignified gathering on the occasion of the jubilee, the monograph: "Seal of time - 70 years of the State Archives (1951-2021)" was promoted, which presented the historical development of the State Archives through photographs and documents on the most important events with available at the Archives, as well as the collection: "The first people of the State Archives (1951-2021)". 

 After the official part of the event, the guests had the opportunity to see the exhibition: "Skopje City Municipality", dedicated to the mayors of Skopje from 1945 until today, and were awarded letters of thanks to 20 employees or retirees who made significant contributions. in the work of the State Archives. 

In his address, Prime Minister Zaev emphasized the importance of the State Archives as an important historical, scientific and cultural institution, which is the custodian of our history, culture, language and tradition, which are one of the main pillars of our national identity. 

In his speech, the director of the State Archive Dr. Emil Krsteski said that the State Archive in the past 70 years is being built as an important state institution, and that it is a vault of original documents, letters, photographs and other materials by famous revolutionaries, Ilinden, educators and writers, artists, social activists, as well as documents from the most important political-historical processes, events and personalities for our country. 

"In all the past years, the constant growth of the State Archives is obvious, which acquires its European character by accepting the European principles and regulations related to archiving and which are included in the new Law on Archival Activity, as well as the implementation of the digitalization process. historical documents and materials "- emphasized the director of the State Archive Dr. Emil Krsteski.

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