At the Book Fair in Skopje, today was promoted the monograph "Seal of Time - 70 years of the State Archives (1951 - 2021)", in the edition of this institution, which was discussed by the Director of the State Archives, Dr. Emil Krsteski and Dr. Branislav Svetozarevic, who together with Dr. Jasmina Damjanovska are the bearers of this project, in the preparation and realization of which participated an expert team of the Archive. "In order to leave a trace of our existence, of our work, to support the culture of remembrance and to oppose oblivion, on the path we follow we should all leave marks, traces, signs, written word, document, a testimony of important things that were and are. Exactly this monograph is such a document, which gives an overview of the significance of the State Archives, which in the future will be a solid basis for supplementing with new documents and historical materials and new historical-scientific achievements "- emphasized the director, Dr. Emil Krsteski. He added that this monograph is part of our written history and a testimony to the functioning of the State Archives, which is our monument, guardian of our past, our history, and the beacon of our future. He also expressed concern about the declining number of students in the Department of History and Archives and researchers in our history. In his speech, Dr. Branimir Svetozarevic spoke about the importance of archiving and the successful work of the nine departments of the State Archives in the country, which are developed separately in the monograph.

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