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The collection of the movable cultural heritage - FOND 580 "Manaki Brothers - Bitola 1853 - 1964" which is kept in the State Archives of the Republic of North Macedonia - Department of Bitola" was proclaimed a cultural heritage of special importance, subcategory extraordinary importance - the Minister of Culture, Mrs Bisera Kostadinovska Stojcevska, has stated.

The Collection - FOND 560 "Manaki Brothers - Bitola 1853-1964" contains documents, photo-documents and artefacts from the professional life of the brothers Milton and Janaki Manaki.

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"The Government passed a decision which allows a permanent preservation of this invaluable Collection in its original condition, provides favorable conditions for the survival of this extraordinary documentation, and permanent preservation of all the information it offers as a testimony. The high level of preservation allows distribution of the acknowledgments of the values and importance of the Collection and its role in the cultural identification, and prevents any activities, occurrences and influences which inflict or may inflict damage or degradation theirof" - the Minister has emphasized.

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"Due to its historical and cultural values, the collection represents a testimony of a time that is of wider interest for the study of the multicultural Balkan demographic structure, as well as the socio-economic and cultural-historical circumstances towards the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, thus making them important for the region and and Europe. A significant part of this collection was presented as a complete exhibition about the life and work of the Manaki brothers in several cities in the region and Europe" - said the director of the State Archive, Dr. Emil Krsteski. By declaraing the Collection of the Manaki brothers a cultural heritage of special importance, subcategory of extraordinary importance, these over one thousand two hundred artifacts receive a regime of protection of the first degree, which means that the good will receive permanent protection and systematization that will enable an educational program for social sociological, cultural and historical topics, its digitization (which is ongoing) and the possibility of research, publication and other representative needs that include public use and availability of the good.

The State Archives - Department of Bitola will continue to provide greater accessibility to the public, as well as international affirmation of the rich cultural heritage contained in this collection.

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